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Submitted on
November 20, 2008
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CleanGlass Aero by Eoin CleanGlass Aero by Eoin
A WIP port of lassekongo83's excellent CleanGlass VS to Vista.

This was made much easier thank to the new (though not free) VistaStyleBuilder.

This mod/port is released under the CC license as lassekongo83's original XP theme as per the terms of that license.

Big update 7th June 2009: Large number of rough edges cleaned up. Segoe UI alt. font version also included.
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Darwey Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2009  Hobbyist Interface Designer
very cool style :clap:
Kazron Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2009
Problem? I think mine's fucked up or something.

As you can see, Min/Max/Close buttons are too small. Also, I cannot see any transparency. Is there supposed to be some transparency?
Eoin Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2009
Seems to be displaying in Basic rather than Aero for you. Both show up in the Appearance Settings with an identical preview picture.

Try switching back to the Vista default Aero theme and then select the Aero option with the CleanGlass image.

Vista make this process trickery than it was on XP unfortunately :(
Kazron Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2009
Exactly how do I do this? I switched to Vista default Aero theme, and that worked out okay, but I couldn't see any of the preview images belonging to this theme. I had to go to C:/Windows/Resources/Themes/CleanGlass_Aero_by_Eoin/ and double-click either CGlassB or CGlassB Segoe UI for it to appear on the list as Aero CleanGlass Style below High Contrast #2, with the right preview image. However, applying it results in the screenshot I gave you.
Eoin Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2009
Ah ok I see now. Name it's folder inside 'Resources' to be 'CGlassB'. Then it's preview image should show up.
Kazron Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2009
Thank you so much!
Algarvian Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009
Would you mind moving the startmenu to the left a bit? That gap is a bit strange in aero mode. The rest is great.
Eoin Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2009
Really? I kinda like it.
Algarvian Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2009
I just gotten used to looking at your Auriel 2, I guess.
Tevc Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009
please port more themes of lassekongo *.*
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